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2. This is the number of days your pets stayed with us.

3. This will say whether your pup was boarding, or staying for day care.

4. This will repeat number of days, the in-date and out-date, and what run they were in. It will also have boarding/day care for your pup.

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Doggy Day Care $10 per day

Trude's Dog Motel

If you have more than one dog and would like them to stay in the same run, additional dogs only add $15 to their overnight stay! There is a maximum of three dogs per run.

Your dog is 'boarding' when they stay overnight at least one night.

'Daycare' is when your pup is just here for business hours one day, and does not stay over night.

Regular Size Run $25 per day

Inside 4ft x 4ft

​Outside 4ft x 8ft

2000 N 112th St

Lincoln, NE 68527


Large Size Run $35 per day

Inside 6ft x 4ft

Outside 6ft x 8ft

Established   1963

Check out our floor plans to see which run is right for your pup!

Runs & Rates

You can drop off any time during business hours on day one, and pick up any time during business hours when your pup's stay is over. If it is before 10:30 am, you won't be charged for that day! If it is after, you will be charged that day. Here is an example of an invoice. Of course, you can always call us with questions.